10 Facts That Will Surprise Even Hardcore Movie Fans

A successful movie needs hard work of several people whom we don’t ever see. There has to be good plans, some failures and also some hidden details behind great movies which we never come to know. Here I have gathered some very interesting facts of some popular movies that will literally make you say WOW. You might have watched the movie several times but you never knew what it took to make you like it. Here, we reveal the same:

1.  In Suspiria movie the unknown 82 year old Male psychiatrist was actually Tilda Swinton (female)

© Suspiria / Amazon Studios © Trainwreck / Universal Studios

If you have seen Suspiria, you would have watched the 82 year old psychiatrist which was said to be played by Lutz Ebersdorf, a doctor from Berlin whom we never saw before or after this movie. But the fact is, this role was played by a Female actress ‘Tilda Swinton’. Yes, that’s true. She has to go through 4 hours of makeup every time to play this character. That’s not all. Not just make up but she also wear artificial male genitals to get into the actual man-feeling.

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