10 Mind-Blowing Mental Illnesses and Syndromes

The growing awareness about mental health has brought to light many facts that people were too afraid to share. The hush-hush around the subject of mental illnesses and syndromes is slowly losing its grip. More studies are being funded by the government and other health organization to better understand what plagues the mind and help the ones afflicted. The following are some of the most interesting instances of mental illnesses.

1. Stockholm Syndrome

This disorder is best describe as the feeling of sympathy, dependency, kindness or even empathy felt by a hostage towards the ones holding them at a ransom. In such cases the hostage overlooks the dangers they have been placed under and starts to look at the situation from the abductor’s point of view. There have been cases where the hostage has been known to put themselves in harm’s way to protect the abductor. This is a case of misplaced emotions.

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