10 Modern Gadgets That Have Changed Our Lives

The Industrial Revolution showed us that technology had the potential to transform lives and have a major impact on the world at large. You may never know from where the next great invention may pop-up before it spreads like wildfire and improves upon an important aspect of our lives. This is the beauty of technology and modern gadgets. Below is a list of gadgets and gizmos that managed to transform our lives for the better.

1. Smartphones

Before the mobile came into picture, there was the cordless phone that gave us the first taste of wire-free telephonic communication. The smartphone was the successor of the cellphone that has now become an important part of our lives. Smartphones now, do not just answer calls and texts, but they can monitor your health, give you updates on the temperature, book your flight tickets and also remotely control your television. With features such as these, how can it not have a major impact?

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