10 Top-Rated TV Series You Shouldn’t Have Missed This Year

2. Castle Rock

If you love watching thrillers, Castle Rock is a must watch series for you. Castle Rock is a name of a place where rabid dogs attack people every now and then and where serial killers are free to roam  the streets; even the devil himself sells cursed things in this place. The real story of this show starts when the Shawshank Prison’s warden commits suicide.

There is a part of prison which is closed since a long time. After the suicide, they find a young man locked up in this closed prison whom no one has seen nor heard. When they ask the man questions, he only utters a name ‘Henry Deaver’. Who is Henry Deaver? Well, he is the young man’s advocate who was also born in Castle Rock but now he is away. But after this event, he gets an anonymous call which brings him back to his hometown. And he helps us to find out what the story behind the locked up young man is.

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