10 Ways to Have a Shiny and a Glowing Skin

The largest organ in the human body is skin. Skin consists of 16% of the body’s weight and is what protects our muscles and bones from the elements. The upkeep of this vital organ is what most of us are unable to tackle properly and this leads to various problems. Most common among them is dullness, acne and scars. Here is a list of things you can do to take better care of your skin so that it is healthy and glowing.

1. Take Fiber Rich Diet

The root of many skin problems is an unhealthy diet. A deficiency of vital nutrients like vitamins and minerals can largely be attributed for problems like dry skin, scaly skin and rashes. A proper diet rich in fiber contains varying amounts of fish, brown rice, green leafy vegetables, nuts including walnuts,and grains like quinoa that supply the body with the necessary energy and nutrition. Good fiber intake aids in better digestion and deals with skin problems from the inside out.

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