10 Ways to Manage Stress in Life

10. Embrace Spiritual Existence

When we look at how big the world is, we realize just how small we are and smaller still our problems. Seeking something greater than us, something deeper than our worries can be therapeutic. Far too often we let worry magnify our own thoughts and actions and unlearning this is an important feat. Looking deeper into ourselves helps us better understand our spiritual journey, dwarfing the world of worries that sit on our heads.

What to do starting now:

  • Avoid staying stationery for over 60 minutes
    • Try building deeper bonds with people around you
    • When a cause of stress cannot be changed, learn to acknowledge it and if possible, distance yourself from it
    • Lower your intake of liquor, nicotine and caffeine
    • Every day do something that you appreciate


For as long as we are alive, we are bound to be stressed at some point or the other. However, we do have the power to decide how much hold it can have on our lives. Healthy decisions contribute to a healthy life and the sooner we start, the better it gets for the quality of our lives.

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