15 Strange Things That Were Done In The Name Of Science

One cannot deny the immense benefits we have been reaping thanks to the advancements of science over the years. But the world can be a fascinating and weird place and there are no boundaries to where scientific curiosity could take you. The search of knowledge, truth and a better future could lead one to answers and even facts that could come out as downright strange and leave you incredulous.

1. The World’s Smallest Guitar

While in the process of researching nanostructures, Harold Craighead and Dustin Carr of the Cornell University shaped a guitar out of a crystalline silicon. This object is of the size of single blood cell and quite obviously invisible to the human eye. At 2 microns it can be sighted only by an atomic force microscope. It could be played with the plucking of the strings done by the microscope only and the sounds as expected creating frequencies that human ears can’t hear.

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