15 Actors Who Make Even The Worst Movies Watchable

Of course not all movies are watchable, not even the high budget ones. But sometimes we get stuck with such movies, even after reading their reviews on internet or by word of mouth from friends. Sometimes its highly rated trailers or sometimes it is we just get dragged into them. No matter what, we do land in theaters for some bad movies at times. In such a scenario we just pray something or someone in the movie make it all worth. In this article, we have gathered a list of such best 15 Actors who actually make the worst movies watchable too.

1. Jason Statham

Personally, I just love this guy. And I’m sure you too. Be it a psycho movie like Crank or an adventure flick like The Meg, this guy makes it worth, always. There have been a list of movies which would have just fell on its face, if it wasn’t for Jason Statham.

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