20 Least Touristy Countries Of World

There are 211 countries in the world and it’s not humanely possible to visit everyone one of them in a lifetime. There are the best of travellers who have covered a majority of these. But the reasons some of the places may not have been visited could be difficulty of paper work or documentation or simply the political isolation of the place. So here’s a list of 20 least touristy nations that have less than 50000 people visiting it every year.

20. Guinea-Bissau, Africa

Guinea-Bissau, Africa

This poverty wracked nation has been weakened economically and political by violent coups making it a non-no for any potential tourist. This once Portuguese colony has still remnants of it’s colonial past left in the form of Carnival. The capital city Bissau becomes one big party during the festival and is one occasion which draws tourists. Other tourist attractions are Bissagos Islands, arguably the most outstanding archipelago in Africa and Orango Island, famous for its salt water hippos. Homemade cashew wine, a traditional brew, can be had in the country’s interiors but difficult to access. Good beer can be had in places like Restaurante Papa Loca and O Bistro in Bissau.

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