20 Times People Found Some Truly Perfect Handwriting Examples That Were Too Good Not To Share

The art of handwriting is something that has become a rarity what with the advent of computers and modern hand-held devices. Holding a pen or pencil can be considered an alien act to a whole host of folks of the new generation. The use of decorative handwriting was a given in ancient manuscripts and documents and museums around the world have kept records of these valuable scripts, attaching immense value to the same. The dying skill of calligraphic writing still finds respect among the few who have have cared to analyse this rare vanishing art form.
Below are 20 examples of incredible handwriting that will make one look at them again and again and make one wonder how such beautiful characters could possibly flow from human hands.

1. This is the handwriting of a Nepalese 8th grader that is enough to make your eyes pop out. The symmetry of the letters in italics is a something that can only be replicated by computers.

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