7 Modern Gadgets That You Won’t Believe Existed

The rate at which technology is evolving makes you wonder how long till the day the device you had once imagined as a kid would actually be available on the market. There are drones, there are apps that can track your health on the go and there are also gadgets that can talk to you. We now live in a world where 3D printers can build you things from scratch right there in your living room. The future looks bright for the gadget enthusiasts.

The Parrot Pot

Ever went on a trip and then realized you had forgotten to arrange for someone who could look after your plants. And then, were sad to face the consequences when you returned home and the ripe tomatoes lined the ground, rotten. Here is Parrot Pot to your rescue. This smart pot is loaded with features that help you care for your precious plants on the go through your cellphone. The pot has a built-in water control system with a 2.2 liter capacity that can keep the plant hydrated for up to a whole month. The pot can also monitor factors such as temperature, daylight levels, water and soil requirements of the plant. The app that helps you screen the status of your plants via the Parrot Pot is available on Android and iOS formats. What is more amazing is that the application has access to a database of over 8,000 plants and this helps in making sure that the ‘Pot’ knows how to handle your plant better. Smart gardening anybody?

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