7 Reasons Why Pomegranate Can Truly Save Your Life

Originally from the region extending from Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan to India, pomegranates have now become quite popular throughout the world. This multi-seeded fruit has long been regarded as a super fruit by dieticians and doctors alike. Pomegranates have a wide variety of usages, they can be eaten raw, used to make smoothies, can be used for baking or even as a toping on dishes. The fruit is loaded with numerous nutrients that are essential for a healthy body. Let us take a look behind the reasons for this fruit’s global popularity.

1. Pomegranates Contain Powerful Anti-Oxidants and Nutrients

The super fruit is loaded with nutrients and the two most important ones are:

Punicalagins: A potent antioxidant, Punicalagins are renowned for their cancer prevention properties. Studies have shown that the water soluble compound is also helpful in the treatment of cardiac diseases. Pomegranates are an abundant source of Punicalagins and the same can be extracted from its juice and peel.

Punicic Acid: Obtained from pomegranate seed oil, Punicic Acid is the main fatty acid found in the fruit. The compound has been found to have a positive impact on metabolic syndromes. Studies are also revealing its therapeutic properties in terms of various illnesses.

Many have widely accepted pomegranate’s ability to have a major impact on various diseases. Most prominently, symptoms related to various forms of cancer. The compounds that the fruit is rich in are proven antidotes to a wide variety of symptoms.

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