7 Ways in Which Modern Tech Gadgets May Be Hurting You

Technology is a means to make human life more easy and convenient. At the very root of every gadget is the basic desire to solve a need or provide a solution to a problem. However, everything under the sun has a downside to it, and technology makes no exception. The following list accounts for some of the ways in which daily overuse of technology may be harming us without us knowing any better.

1. Computer Vision Syndrome

The world has adopted digitalisation to an extent where record keeping, work summaries and even communication takes places majorly through the screen of your computer. The corporate sector functions through technology, meaning the workforce is more or less expected to conduct their business whilst sitting across their monitors and clicking away their work. Staring at the PC for extended periods of time has been noted as the main cause of eye strain and weak vision. You can take steps to curb the damage by opting for computer vision eye wear that shield your eyes from the harmful blue lights emitted by the screens.

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