Are You Among Those 12% Women Who Can Pass This Quiz?

Women are no doubt one of the best creations of God. They are pretty, caring, loving and intelligent enough to answer any question you ask them. Sometimes they answer even before you shoot the question :p. But there are some categories in our day to day lives which are not even mentioned in the women dictionary. Most of them are just not even close to these subjects. If you think you are and want to prove us wrong, here are 10 simple questions which can test your skills. Ready to take this challenge? Click Start.

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    What do you use these tools for?

    • Cutting drywall
    • Cutting metal
    • Sawing wood
    • Clearing out bushes and other landscaping
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    What do you need to do when you see this symbol on your dashboard?

    • Fill your tires with air
    • Stop for gas
    • Pull over immediately
    • Check your engine
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    If your washing machine is shaking, what’s probably wrong with it?

    • The support rod is missing or damaged
    • The power outlet is damaged
    • It needs to be replaced
    • There’s a loose screw inside the mechanism
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    When painting a room, which of these is the first thing you need to do?

    • Tape the entire room
    • Put down drop cloths
    • Pour paint into the tray
    • Mix your paint up to ensure that it’s smooth
    • Mix your paint up to ensure that it’s smooth
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    What’s essential to keep in your car in case your battery dies?

    • A spare battery
    • An emergency first aid kit
    • Jumper cables
    • A flashlight
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    What’s the real name for this weird thing you might find in a urinal?

    • A fancy soap for washing up
    • A urinal cake
    • An air freshener
    • A disinfectant
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    What kind of car is this?

    • A Ferrari
    • A Porsche
    • A Rolls Royce
    • A Mustang
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    What kind of gas do you use in a lawn mower?

    • Lawn Mowing Gas
    • Unleaded
    • Premium
    • Diesel
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    What does the “L” mean in the gear shift?

    • Light Gear
    • Left Gear
    • Low Gear
    • Lawn Gear
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    How many people do you need to play a good game of poker?

    • One
    • Three
    • Two
    • Six or More

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