Can You Answer These Basic Science Questions?

We may not be Scientists but we all have studied Physics, Geology and Chemistry i schools, right? We have gathered 10 of those basic science questions which we have already answered during school exams. Do you still remember them? Let’s find it out today. It includes some basic infos from deep blue ocean to the depths of outer space which we still experience in our daily lives. This will help your brains to train your cuddles too.

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    What is the outermost layer of Earth?

    • Outer core
    • Shell
    • Crust
    • Mantle
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    What’s a meteorological term for an enormous tidal wave?

    • Tsunami
    • Typhoon
    • Tropical depression
    • Hurricane
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    What is the chemical symbol for gold?

    • AU
    • CU
    • PB
    • AG
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    The moons Charon and Styx belong to which dwarf planet?

    • Pluto
    • Jupiter
    • Venus
    • Mars
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    Which plant species is considered carnivorous?

    • Wolf fern
    • Venus flytrap
    • Piranha plant
    • Venus flyeater
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    What superlative status does the blue whale have?

    • Loudest animal in the ocean
    • Biggest animal on Earth
    • Slowest moving mammal
    • Most ancient living species
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    Which of these is NOT part of the circulatory system?

    • Heart
    • Aorta
    • Lungs
    • Arteries
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    What mnemonic device is used to help you remember the colors of the visible spectrum?

    • ROY G. BIV
    • HOMES
    • PEMDAS
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    Which of these is not the name of a known galaxy?

    • Black Eye Galaxy
    • Sombrero Galaxy
    • Cartwheel Galaxy
    • They’re all real.
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    What is used to measure the magnitude of an earthquake?

    • Scoville scale
    • Anemoscope
    • Barometer
    • Richter scale

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