Identify the Dog Breed by its Silhouette

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Now since you have chose to play ‘Identify the Dog Breed by its Silhouette’, it contains 15 multiple choice questions (4 different answers possibilities). So even you think you don’t know the correct answer, you still got 25% chance to get the right one. Let’s find out how knowledgeable you really are.

  • Question of

    Which well-known pooch is this?

    • Greyhound
    • Beagle
    • Chihuahua
    • Dachsund
  • Question of

    Can you identify this formal dog breed?

    • Great Dane
    • poodle
    • Boxer
    • Labrador
  • Question of

    How about this one?

    • Pit Bull
    • Bull Terrier
    • Boxer
    • Rotweiller
  • Question of

    Which dog breed is hidden here?

    • Chow Chow
    • Pomerarian
    • Poodle
    • Shiba Inu
  • Question of

    Can you identify this dog?

    • Rottweiler
    • Doberman
    • German Shephard
    • Rhodesian
  • Question of

    How about this lovable pup?

    • Pug
    • Corgi
    • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Question of

    You thought Questions were Easy? Guess which dog breed is hidden here?

    • Siberian Husky
    • Australian Shepherd
    • German Shorthaired Pointer
  • Question of

    Now tell us which dog breed is this one?

    • Afghan Hound
    • Borzoi
    • Bedlington Terrier
    • Airedale Terrier
  • Question of

    You familiar with this one?

    • Greyhound
    • Ibizan
    • Italian Greyground
    • Saluki
  • Question of

    Now guess this Dog Breed?

    • Rough Collie
    • American Eskimo Dog
    • Keeshond
    • Shetland Sheepdog
  • Question of

    Do you recognize this breed?

    • Boston Terrier
    • American Cocker Spaniel
    • Samoyed
  • Question of

    Still feeling easy? Guess this Dog Breed?

    • Cane Corso
    • Labrador
    • Pit Bull
    • Mastiff
    • Mastiff
    • Mastiff
  • Question of

    Now guess which dog breed is hidden here?

    • Staffordshire Terrier
    • Vizsla
    • Whippet
    • Mexican Hairless Dog
  • Question of

    Can you identify this breed?

    • Papillon
    • Russian Toy Terrier
    • Prague Ratter
    • Chinese Crested Dog
  • Question of

    If you think you are correct so far, guess this final one?

    • Affenpinscher
    • Japanese Chin
    • Griffon Bruxellois
    • Schnauzer

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