You Have Driving License, But Can You Pass This Driver’s Test?

We all need driving license today since we travel a lot in this busy world. It is a privilege to have it because it requires a lot of legal tests which may differ from state to state or country to country. Its not just you know driving and you get it. You need to have a little more expertise then that. Here we have gathered some more Driving questions you can use to test your own skills of getting behind the wheels. Do you take the challenge? If yes, click the start button.

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    Without any speed sign, what is the speed limit on the freeway?

    • 65 Miles / Hour
    • 70 Miles / Hour
    • 55 Miles / Hour
    • 60 Miles / Hour
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    Which color is not used for permanent informational signs on roads

    • Orange
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Brown
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    When can it be legally accepted to drive faster than the speed limit?

    • Never
    • In an Emergency
    • When following an Ambulance
    • To keep up the traffic flow
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    When is it legal to turn right on a red light?

    • At any Intersection
    • At a 3-way Intersection
    • If there is no ‘No Turn On Red’ sign
    • Never
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    When is it permissible to drive in the HOV lane?

    • After Rush Hour
    • Anytime
    • When Driving with 2 or more Passengers
    • While Driving a large truck
    • While Driving a large truck
    • While Driving a large truck
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    You should start your Turn Signal how many feets before your turn?

    • 25 Feets
    • 100 Feets
    • 50 Feets
    • 10 Feets
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    This state doesn’t have mandatory seat belt laws.

    • New Hampshire
    • Maine
    • Massachusetts
    • Vermont
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    This is how you must secure an infant in vehicle

    • Front Seat Facing Forward
    • Back Seat Facing the Rear
    • Back Seat Facing Forward
    • Front Seat Facing the Rear
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    What is the maximum speed limit in a school zone?

    • 15 to 25 Miles / Hour
    • 35 to 45 Miles / Hour
    • 45 to 55 Miles / Hour
    • 10 Miles / Hour
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    You must do what when you see blinking red light at an intersection?

    • Find Another Route
    • Treat it as a Stop Sign
    • Drive Right Through It
    • Treat it as a Yellow Light

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