World’s 15 Most Difficult Countries to Visit

Usually people love to spend their holidays in some other country, except their own. Why? For we all need to explore new places, the lives other people, different climates, etc. But bear this in mind, visiting other countries is not like roaming in our own. There could be a lot of paper work and processes involved  before you can set foot on their land. Formally we can say that the basic requirements to visit the countries are visa availability, security situation and transport. And that is what, sometimes, makes it very difficult to land there. Let us have a look at 15 of the world’s hardest countries to visit.

15. Bhutan


It has been observed that Bhutan is a very high-cost country to visit. In an overall observation, including living quarter, transport within Bhutan, tourist tax, meals and escort per day cost comes around 200-300 USD. People need to pay their Bhutan trip package in advance to Bhutanese travel agencies via money transfer. Bhutan is a place where tourists can take in the impressive mountain views, awesome Buddhist temples, the famous Tiger’s Nest and much more.

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